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Intuitive Card Readings:

Receive  Insight On Any Question

"Tuesdays tarot session was so wonderful and insightful. I now feel all glowing and confident and validated in the rollercoaster of my life so thank you!"

An effective card and palm reading (I combine both in person) can help you navigate life with truly holistic information, attuning to your core purpose, dreams, own connection to Source and receiving spiritual support whilst facing upheaval and challenges.


I also support clients - if the reading calls - with accessing their own symbolic intuition and encourage a co-creative space to help orientate you back to your deepest truth.


Sessions are channelled with several decks including the bold and inclusive 'Tarot by Caro' by Caroline Clark, the Sams & Carson Native American informed Animal Medicine cards, Earth Magic by Steven D. Farmer, Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Lynn, Druid Animal Oracle, the Shaman's Ancestral Oracle, Starseed and the much cherished Kyle Gray Angel Guide Oracle.








Each highly intuitive session includes a pre-reading energy attunement and last 30, 1 Hour or 90 minutes.

I work face to face at my clinic in Hastings 
(, or worldwide via phone,

Telegram, What's app or Zoom which works just as effectively.

You can purchase three variations of readings - 1 Card, Question & Hour - at


Monthly Reading sessions available in London and at UK events

Booking and price enquiries made via contact page or


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