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Energy Transformation From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

These deeply relaxing one hour healing sessions transform and balance your energy system, reducing anxiety and fear, and restoring you to an inner sense of peace and your own

innate connection to divine wisdom.

I combine Reiki healing and intuitive psychic channelling to safely connect with your energy field, transforming blocks in the chakra system, helping emotions flow more easily and clearing feelings of heavy energy that may have weighed you down. I often receive messages that your higher soul self and spirit guides would like you to hear.

You simply book the session, providing a photo and suitable time, and then tune in and receive.

"I found my recent remote healing session with Cat really powerful and positive. The session consisted of a period of time relaxing and receiving and then a phone consult.


I was blown away with how my physical and emotional sensations had been picked up and worked with by Cat. I felt very supported, held, informed. I have recommended her to close friends and I look forward to my next session.


Interestingly, I had felt a degree of cynicism about the efficacy of distance work and distance healing and prior to the pandemic I had always chosen to have treatments in person; however, I was totally impressed and convinced by my session with Cat. I thoroughly recommend having a session with her; she is warm, intelligent, respectful and deeply intuitive." 

Rene, Cornwall

The energy field within and around our body, what scientists term the 'biofield', has a huge impact on all aspects of our health. Dr. Herold Saxton Burr, Professor at the Yale University School of Medicine, first suggested in the 1930's that diseases could be detected in the energy field before the physical symptoms would actually appear.

And now research by the Heart Math Institute is paving the way for a deeper understanding of the electromagnetic power of 'heart fields' and how branches of quantum physics reveal the material in-formational shifts that can occur across physical distance with focused meditative states of 'coherence'.

Healing therapies such as Reiki can have a powerful effect on releasing toxicity by restoring you to your body's own natural self-healing state. And by channelling the greater 'Akasha', the collective Source memory field, energy healing can be received anywhere in the world - I have clients as far afield as Brazil.


To book simply email

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